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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


To get the most out of your initial appointment with your attorney bring your current tax return with you to your initial appointment, as well as current paystubs for yourself and your husband if you have them.  The attorney can run support calculations during your appointment and advise you of the amount of support that you will be entitled to. Getting child support established during a separation or divorce is important because both parents have a responsibility to support their children. Unfortunately, this is a sore point for many parents who pay support. But they need to realize that the main purpose of child support is to maintain their children's standard of living after a divorce or separation.
It is not a form of punishment for the paying parent, nor is it a free ride for the receiving parent. It's about doing what's best for the children.

For more information, contact the Family Law Offices of Renee M. Marcelle at (415) 456-4444, or online at http://www.familylawmarin.com/ --

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