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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


When it comes to explaining divorce to children, many parents freeze. How can you tell them that life as they have always known it will change in a very big way. Breaking the news to your kids is perhaps the hardest part about getting a divorce, because you know that it will cause pain and confusion to the one's you love the most. 
I remember the tears welling up in my son's eyes as I told him that his Dad and I weren't going to live in the same house anymore; how I struggled to find the right words to make him believe that we still loved him and that everything would work out in the long run. Oh, how I wished that I had some guidance on how to tell him in a way that would make it easier. I didn't have anything but instinct to guide my discussion at the time. But you can benefit from the insight of Rosalind Sedacca as she explains how to tell kids about divorce in such a way so they can accept it. 
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