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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Many of the women who seek my guidance as a relationship coach are suffering from a broken heart. Sometimes their heart is still freshly bruised; other times they tell me stories of past romantic traumas they have never recovered from.

I remember the first time my heart was broken like it was yesterday. His name was Dennis McCormick and he was sexy, funny, wise and for my 16 year old tender heart he was IT. I was young but it sure didn’t feel like puppy love to me. I was head over heels.

We were together as a couple for only a few months and were really just getting to the good part as far as I was concerned. Past the initial awkwardness and beginning to have a routine as a couple when suddenly he stopped calling. This happened right in the middle of a school holiday so I didn’t have a convenient way to run into him. I called, no response. Agony. Then school started up again and I was anxious to confront him on his bad behavior or at least be reassured that he had simply been hanging out with his guy friends.

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