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Monday, February 4, 2013


Renee Marcelle completed the requirements for Court Appointed Minors Counsel per the California Rule of Court rules 5.242(c) and 5.242(f) on 3-10-09 and updates the designation with additional training on an annual basis. 

Representation of a child in custody and visitation proceedings requires knowledge of the various stages of child development; communicating with a child at various developmental stages and presenting the child's view in court; recognizing, evaluating and understanding evidence of child abuse and neglect, family violence and substance abuse, cultural and ethnic diversity, and gender-specific issues; the effects of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect on children; and the ability to work effectively with multidisciplinary experts.

For more information, contact the Family Law Offices of Renee M. Marcelle at (415) 456-4444, or online at http://www.familylawmarin.com/ --

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