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Friday, June 26, 2015


Spousal Support may be awarded to either spouse for any time span for any amount of money. Support is based on the standard of living during the marriage. Various factors are considered by the court. The following is considered for support:
  1. Duration of marriage
  2. Standard of living during the marriage
  3. Earning capacity
  4. Comparing income and resources of the spouses
  5. Necessary time to obtain educational goals in order to attain gainful employment
  6. Health and age of spouses
  7. Obligation and needs of the spouses
  8. Contribution of services during marriage: childcare, homemaking, career-building
  9. Emotional and Physical condition of spouses
  10. Custodian of the child
(The court can also take into consideration any other factor it deems necessary and just.)

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