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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I'm on the road a lot during the NBA season. Needless to say, I miss my sons, Zaire, who's 10, and Zion, 5, so much when I'm gone. As a single dad with sole custody of my children, keeping the lines of communication open while I'm traveling is the top priority. Zaire has a BlackBerry, and he loves to text and use instant messaging. Some days, we exchange up to 50 messages between us. Zion keeps asking if he can have his own phone, but I told him he has to wait until he's at least 7. For now, phone calls and Skype will have to do.
When I'm away, we always set aside a specific time to talk every day, no matter what. When I was in China, we still had our daily phone call. I always ask how their day was. Even though I'm not there, I still want to share in the experience of being home: something new they learned in school that day, or an accomplishment they made on the basketball court. It comes down to two words: attention and affection. You never want your children to have to look outside of their parents for those two things.
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