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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


There are some behaviors which should distinctly be avoided in general and especially in the Courtroom:
1.  Negative body language such as rolling of the eyes, smirking and in general, reacting to everything that your spouse or his/her lawyer says is incorrect.
2.  Having your cell phone ring while the proceedings are on is not right.
3.  Interrupting when the judge or lawyer is speaking is improper. As a part of the legal strategy, your spouse's lawyer may be blurting out lie after lie (perhaps even to provoke you) and you will be tempted to retaliate instantly. But speaking out of turn is a strict no-no!
4.  Uncontrolled outbursts and "name calling", depending on the nature of the accusation is wrong. An impulsive reaction may be justified, but it must be avoided at all times.
5.  Displaying a general lack of seriousness in the proceeding by turning up in informal attire, chewing gum, twirling your hair, fiddling with your keys or fixing your makeup while the trial is on is not correct.
6.  Whispering to your attorney or arguing with your attorney is also inappropriate.

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