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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sometimes the divorce and problems after the event all pile up and can become unbearable making it depressing and overwhelming. Since there is no way back and no way out though you must start sorting your issues into smaller manageable chunks and just work at one at a time or the task may seem to be too much.

Try not to focus on the negatives.  Find good things and focus on them even if they seem too small to make a difference against the negatives. The trick is breaking your problems into smaller chunks … after a while you have collected enough good positive feelings, thoughts and emotions that they can start to make an impact … never let go of the good things and actions you take!

Set a goal.  a goal in mind even if depression does strike you having something to do is important, it could be a life goal, an emotional goal or even a physical goal it does not matter. Achieving something makes you feel good and helps against depression and negative thinking.

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