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Friday, January 4, 2013


♥ 1. "Of course, I trust you ... but I won't stop checking your messages!"
A marriage or in that case any other relationship which lacks trust can never survive. Trust is the foundation of a marriage. The minute you start losing faith in your spouse, you will start facing problems. Keeping a check on his/her mails or who he/she meets, questioning or doubting his/her intentions can really put a person off. Try talking to your spouse if you have any doubts in your mind. If in case, your partner is losing faith in you, try finding out the reason. Are you going wrong somewhere? If yes, try to work out ways to change yourself or do things that will help build the trust again. The bond that you two share needs to be very strong to survive a marriage. If not, there's nothing much that can be done to save it.

♥ 2. "It's you who chose to end it ... I just kissed someone else!"
Cheating on your partner is the worst you can do. An extramarital affair is just a way of escaping the reality. Though it will seem like a lot of fun initially, you will end up losing both - your current fling and your spouse. It is natural to get attracted to people, but, if you weren't ready for a commitment, why did you get married anyway? The feeling of betrayal is very hard to get over. Expecting your partner to understand and still be with you after you have cheated on them is just unfair. Would you do the same had you been in his/her place? If you have issues with your partner, sit and discuss it with them. Finding someone new behind your partner's back is definitely not the way out.

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