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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Whether you and your spouse have arrived at a decision to get divorced with mutual consent or if it is the result of months of bitter contention, bickering and the expensive decision to lawyer up to fight your "unreasonable" spouse, you need to get your act together in front of the judge. A divorcing couple is undoubtedly in the middle of an emotional turmoil rising out of feelings of possible separation from kids, loneliness, financial uncertainty and a general sense of alarm and anxiety about what the future has in store. However, if you let these emotions get the better of you during the divorce trial, you may well be giving your soon-to-be ex-spouse a reason to smile his/her way to a favorable judgment.

It is crucial to know how to behave in court during a divorce so that you increase your chances of making a good impression. Let's look at some examples of wild theatrics that are known to be displayed in a courtroom, which you must avoid at all costs. You'll note that most of this behavior is carried forward from the demeanor that a couple has become quite used to, when in the company of each other over the last few months leading up to the divorce.
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