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Thursday, January 24, 2013


When it comes to single parenting and healthy inexpensive meals, there is but one mantra: “The crock-pot is my friend, the crock-pot is my friend…” With a long day at work behind you and helping-with-homework ahead, single parents need an inexpensive no-brainer meal for supper—preferably one that has magically cooked itself and is ready to serve when you enter your home.

Healthy Slow Cooked Meals for Single Parent Families
If you’ve made it through breakfast and lunchbox preparations, slain dragons at work, yet still have homework to face; preparing a nutritious supper quickly and inexpensively begins to sound like a tall order—if not an impossibility. Enter the crock pot.
If you don’t own a slow cooker, buy a nice large one immediately. If you do own a slow cooker, pull it out of hiding and dust it off—then consider buying one or two more!

To continue viewing this article written by Maria Blanco please click the link below:
Single Parenting Advice – Slow Cooking for Easy Nutritious Dinner | Suite101 http://suite101.com/article/single-parenting-advice--slow-cooking-for-easy-nutritious-dinner-a392498#ixzz2IwajYln3
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