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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


If you're struggling to make ends meet, these tips on budgeting your paycheck can help you out a lot. With a few adjustments and a new way of looking at things, you can regain control of your budget.

Most of your bills are due once a month, but your income may come in every week, every two weeks, or every other week. If you are a two-household income, managing alternate paycheck schedules may even become more complicated. Bottom line, if you keep budgeting on a monthly basis instead budgeting based on the timing of your paycheck, you will also have more month left than money. Because some months have four weeks and others have five, budgeting on a monthly time schedule becomes ineffective. When I started adjusting my budget according to when I received my paycheck, life became a lot easier. By making this subtle shift, it felt like I was taking control back from the creditors. I still had to pay them in a timely fashion, but it was based on when I had the money available to make the payments. It took about three months before I could see the real momentum of my budget, but my progress started having a tangible and positive affect. Finally getting this debt off my shoulders appeared possible after I consistently split up my payments based on the timing of my income.

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